Before you buy:

I have a lot of great Dixie things to share with you!  BUT, and this is a BIG BUT – please notice the shipping charges.

I use a Print-On-Demand service called Printify. They have a huge inventory of products. What that means is the coolies are printed by one company.  The shirts are printed by another. The caps are printed by a different one.  So if you order a shirt, a coolie, and a cap … you will have a shipping charge from EACH one – and it could be significant.  

I have selected quality apparel for you – but some of the prices are, in my opinion, are too expensive. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything outside of your comfort range! 

Personally, I hate it.  I can’t afford to have a big variety of inventory on hand and ship things myself. I mean, a dog can only do so much, right?  The products are good quality and something you can be proud of.

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