Big Game Recovery

When hunting season arrives, sometimes hunters have a hard time locating their deer.

That’s when Dixie the super tracker with the super sniffer is called into action!  I’m able to reunite the hunter and their deer.


If it’s deer season – Brian might be in a tree with a bad signal – leave a message so he can get back with you.

In between getting the veterans on the plane in the morning and then the welcome home later that night, I helped teach a hunter education class in Owen county!

Contact me to share my tree stand accident story with your group.  I can give seminars and demos for tracking deer with dogs, finding shed antlers, and tree stand safety. 

I got to get out and do some shed hunting yesterday here in Indiana. While we were waiting for our friends to show up my dad hid a few antlers around the barn for me to find!

I didn’t find any real antlers but I had a great time and got some must needed exercise. I’ve got a few pounds to lose before my therapy dog events ramp up! 

I wanted to let everyone know I will be out and about around the Midwest this year attending numerous shows and banquets making appearances and giving deer tracking with dogs and shed dog demos and seminars.

If you would like me to make an appearance at your booth to help draw in a TON of foot traffic please contact me!

I got to go back to the Backwater Legacies Inc. camp and show the kids how I track deer and find shed antlers!

I had a blast playing with all of the kids and watching them participate in all of the camp activities! It’s such a great place for the kids to learn about the outdoors! I love my Backwater Legacies family! 🇺🇸❤️🐾🦌🦃 DogBone