Hi!  I’m Dixie, an adorable blue tick coonhound who loves people, loves making them smile, loves mending wounded souls, and being a positive influence on everyone who knows me.

@dixie_the_praying_dog Happy #flagday ! Everyday is flag day to me! Ive traveled all over the world and I proudly wear an American Flag patch everywhere I go! 🇺🇸🐾 🇺🇸 F L A G 🇺🇸 D A Y 🇺🇸 #americanflag #usa #patrioticdog #rexspecs #jeep #jeepdog #america #americathebeautiful #starspangledbanner #bluetickcoonhound #americasdog #godblessamerica @Rex Specs Dog Goggles ♬ original sound - Dixie The Praying Dog

Happy #flagday! Every day is flag day to me! I’ve traveled all over the world and I proudly wear an American Flag patch everywhere I go!


There’s a special place in my heart for US Veterans.  Indy Honor Flight transports veterans from WWII – Vietnam on a trip of a lifetime to visit Washington DC memorials dedicated to honoring their sacrifices.


In 2019 Brian responded to a casting call by Amazon Prime to try out for their new series called “The Pack”.  We traveled to LA, Mexico City, Costa Rica, Vienna, Austria, Florence, France, and Switzerland.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime!


Being a hound dog has its advantages! Sometimes hunters need my sniffing superpowers to help them locate things. I love finding the scent and how-how-howling really loud to show them the way!


My schedule gets filled quickly, so contact my dad, Brian, for the days or times you’d like me to come. He’ll also go over the cost/expenses. 

I can appear at your events to greet everyone and show them my tricks or I can do meet and greets at your booth at trade shows.

We give shed dog demos, retrieving demos, deer recovery demos.

For therapy dog love, I visit hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, senior centers, VA centers/events, etc.

My dad and I have seminars on K9 Fire Safety, Hunter / Tree Stand Safety and Tracking safety. 

Visiting schools is so much fun – kids are awesome.

 I pray & give hugs and kisses, be friends, sing, and even ride in my decked out jeep!

I’m sure to draw a crowd because people 🥰 😍 me! 

Here are some 💖letters I’ve received.

You can leave a love note for me here!


Dixie is an amazing girl. A big shout out to her and Brian. Thank you both for all you do!! Getting ready to watch The Pack now. Saw her last night at the Jackyl show and fell in love with her 💗💗

Helen Grubbs Gibson

Follow the journey of Dixie The Praying Dog who I’ve worked with in 2 films and hoping for many others!

Christian Griffith

What a delight to have her greet us & participate in the 8th Annual Martinsville Spirit of 45 event! She added so much by being with us & is a such a sweet & effective patriotic! Thank you so much!

Mary Fox

She is so sweet. her praying with our son, touched us.

Tammy Henegar

Dixie made the Honor Flight so very special for my Dad!

Sarah Ricke Hellmich

She is one of a kind! There is a lot of personality behind that howl!!!

Leigh Myers

Enjoyed seeing Dixie today at the Avon VFW!! She is such a smart and great dog, she brings smiles and happiness to so many people!!!!

Lorene Knight

Dixie is so sweet and kind. She had my daughter have a smile on her face ❤️

Ursula Marie

Gotta love a praying dog and the human that taught her this beautiful gift.

Ursula Marie

Absolutely love seeing Dixie at the Indy Honor Flight

Dawna Branson

Dixie is a wonderful dog. she helps people, prayer, and is a good therapy dog. She goes to different events and prays for them. She is a beautiful loving dog. love her

Cat Calvin