I 🧡meeting people.

I 🧡 reading about how we met.

I 🧡 reading your love notes.

I 🧡 reading how I helped you at a difficult time. 

Take a moment, and send me a 🧡 note. 

I only want love.  Unloving, unsupportive notes won’t be shared. 


  1. Katie Hasman

    Very sweet dixie god bless you and your family

  2. Kristi

    Hi Dixie. I was introduced to you via Facebook, when you were praying on the airplane for our veterans going to Washington D.C. You reminded me of our beloved Beau, but better behaved. After I heard you howl, I was done. I knew I had to follow you. You bring so much joy to so many. I adore you. May you and your Dad have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

  3. Tina

    Brian and Dixie, thank you for all you do. I always look forward to seeing you at the Honor Flights and various fundraisers. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Joanna Stephens

    To my FAVORITE GIRL Dixie !
    Hope your doing well so thankful to have gotten to meet you at one of your many events. You are one busy girl. Keep up the good work hope dad gives you a break ((hugs)) to you Dixie. I love seeing what your up to next I have to have a daily dose of Dixie every morning you make my day brighter ❤️

  5. Kim Miller

    Dixie, I have to have a daily dose of you. You lift my spirits and put a smile on my face. My husband and I just finished watching “The Pack”. You are a beautifully vocal girl. We can hear you everywhere on the show. I love it! Being from West Virginia there are a lot of blue tick hounds. I’m fact my son has had a blue tick his entire life. Anyway, I love you, and, it’s on my bucket list to meet you! See you soon! Kim Miller

  6. Sarah

    Dearest Dixie, When I first met my now husband we adopted a female bluetick coonhound in 2011. She was a stray and a few years old. We named her Tracker. She watched our family grow and also grew with us. When we saw you on The Pack and heard her howl we laughed so hard. She was so much like our hound. We started watching Dixie on Facebook to keep up with all of her adventures. Unfortunately a year ago Tracker passed on. Dixie makes us remember how sweet she was and she reminds us so much of our Tracker. (Although Dixie seems a little bit more well behaved haha). Thank you for sharing your sweet adventures and making Blueticks a known breed. They are so sweet and don’t get enough recognition. We look forward to supporting you from Minnesota as you continue on all of your adventures! Thanks for making us smile and keep howling on!

  7. Courtnie Teske

    Dixie, whenever I’m having a bad mental health day, I watch your TikTok videos and it always cheers me up. You are an amazing girl and your dad is lucky to have you. Take care Dixie and Brian. My family and I love you guys 💕

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